Despite the name, “Baby Botox” actually has nothing to do with babies. Phew! It does, however, have to do with Botox.  

Popular amongst eager 20-somethings who are new to the injectable game, Baby Botox is when you use a lower volume of Botox—like 10 units, instead of the more typical 25—to get rid of small problem areas like crow’s feet, fine lines and moderate wrinkles. 

Added bonus? Because of the small amount of Botox used, Baby Botox treatments can be used anywhere on your face, are usually less expensive and possess a smaller risk of causing the “frozen” face Botox has become synonymous with. (Important sidenote: Frozen face only happens if you have a bad aesthetician. Come to us for the real deal!)

Considering Baby Botox for yourself? Find out more about it below.

Baby Botox is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Baby Botox is all about personalization! That’s obvious when you consider that the nature of the procedure is to use tiny, targeted injections to make your look naturally, beautifully YOU. Some people with deeper wrinkles may want a normal dose of Botox. Schedule a consultation with us today to find out if Baby Botox is the right solution for you.

It can be a tool for prevention.

This is one of the main reasons Baby Botox is so popular among people in their 20s. Worried that wrinkles are right around the corner? Baby Botox can prevent lines before they even appear by manipulating the way your wrinkle-causing muscles move. 

It’s subtle!

We can’t say this enough. Think of it like slight monthly tweaks, rather than full-on, biannual injections. 

Having a talented, certified aesthetician is key.

With doses this precise, technique is critical. Make sure any and all Baby Botox injections are done by a board-certified doctor or aesthetician (hi, New England Skin Center!) to give you that natural, beautiful look you crave. 

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