Remember that fateful afternoon in 2013 when Kim Kardashian got the vampire facial, screamed in the name of a healthy complexion and posted Instagram photos of her face covered in blood? How could we forget?

First, the reason her face was bloody was because the vampire facial uses microneedling to draw blood from a patient’s face and then uses that blood to create a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment that rejuvenates skin cells. Second, don’t worry about the pain! Thousands of vampire facial patients have since confirmed that Kim was being overdramatic and the treatment is, at worst, uncomfortable. We know, we know… a Kardashian being overdramatic. Shocking.

But third, and arguably most importantly, the results were simply amazing.

Fast-forward to today and doctors have come up with a Vampire Facial 2.0: Vampire Viva. Touted as an even better way to reap the benefits of platelet-rich plasma, the Vampire Viva facial is used to correct imperfections like dark circles or puffiness under the eyes, fine lines and dull, unhealthy or “sagging” skin. It starts with that same microneedling procedure, but takes it a step further and adds collagen-stimulating radiofrequency waves into the mix. The result? A customized skin rejuvenation treatment that tightens and resurfaces the skin, sparks natural collagen production and gives your face a beautiful, flawless and firm glow.

A treatment like this requires specialized training, so if you’re considering it for yourself, make sure you go to a qualified provider like New England Skin Center to learn more about it. Our experts will give you a complete consultation so you can find out if the Vampire Viva facial is right for you.

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