Pregnancy is a beautiful miracle— but it’s also pretty messy, and can leave you lacking in confidence when it comes to your tummy. Luckily, there’s EmSculpt. 

A revolutionary procedure that is FDA-approved to tighten the stomach area and build muscle, the EmSculpt is like a mommy makeover without the pricey surgery!

First things first, what exactly is the EmSculpt? In layman’s terms, this is a body sculpting device created to tone the underlying layer of muscle in the stomach and booty. For all you mama bears out there however, we know that turning that former bump into a flat, strong core is first on the agenda.

Still, new mothers aren’t exactly known for having a ton of time on their hands, and the stress of motherhood can leave you with an array of emotions (all of which are totally normal, and totally okay). EmSculpt makes the bounce back a bit easier. 

The EmSculpt device is placed on the surface of the target area and delivers High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFEM) technology that causes frequent contractions to the abdomen. These strong contractions force the area to adapt to such extreme conditions and develop new muscle.* 

Think of the device as a really good personal trainer. One session is akin to doing over 20,000 situps… only you’ll be sitting down the whole time.

Since the procedure itself is performed in a series of four 30-minute treatments over a two-week period, even the busiest mama can fit in this much needed ‘me’ time. And don’t worry, any pregnancy weight won’t affect the machine’s ability to cut right to your core. The EmSculpt device has the deepest depth of any device on the market, hitting both the superficial subcutaneous fat as well as the deeper fat that lays on top of our muscles.

You might be a new mom first, but that doesn’t mean you have to feel unsatisfied with your body. Save the hard work for taking care of your baby, and let us help you bounce back at New England Skin Center.

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* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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