We get it. Facial fillers can be intimidating. Hollywood movies often debut filler results to be dramatic and overly done. But did you know that many of our celebrity favorites use fillers to stay red-carpet-ready? Cindy Crawford, Chrissy Teigen, Nicole Kidman, and the well-known Kardashian/Jenner clan are a select few that are no strangers to these treatments. Unlike the movies like to portray, adequately used facial fillers can achieve a subtle, more youthful appearance. At New England Skin Center, our team is here to help answer any questions and allay any fears that you may have about filler treatments.

What are fillers?
Facial fillers are injectable treatments that can be used to reduce the appearance of aging skin and provide patients with a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

Is my face going to freeze or droop?
Filler results can always be subtle and more natural-looking. With proper placement — by a certified, specialized professional — you’ll achieve a more aesthetic you.

Does it hurt?
In general, filler treatments are not painful. To help clients relax, topical anesthetics may be used to numb the area prior to treatment.

How do I know which fillers are right for me?
We recommend scheduling an appointment with our team for an initial consultation, from which we would suggest which treatments would be most appropriate. We offer a few facial fillers for our patients: 

  1. Botox– Reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and deep lines by relaxing your facial muscles.
  2. Dysport– Offers temporary improvement to the appearance of moderate to severe wrinkles.
  3. Jeuveau– Works to improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines.
  4. Juvéderm– Great way to diminish facial lines and restore fullness in the face
  5. Kybella– Improves the appearance and profile of moderate to severe submental fat (double chin). 
  6. Restylane– Dermal filler that can restore youth and volume to your face, lips, and hands. 
  7. Sculptra– Used to add volume to areas of the face and body to create a soft, more youthful appearance.

What are the side effects?
With any treatment, there is the potential for side effects. Yet the side effects of facial fillers are typically mild and are resolved quickly. Common ones include:

  1. Bruising
  2. Swelling
  3. Itchiness

We advise all our patients to consult their medical professional if exhibiting any signs of side effects. 

What if I don’t like the results?
Our ultimate goal is for clients to love their results. Our team may recommend starting out with a subtle enhancement for first-time clients. Swelling is expected after treatment and after 1-2 weeks, results carry a more natural look.

How often do I have to do it to maintain my look?
Facial fillers have a lifespan of 14-16 months. After initial treatment, few minor treatments can be done to maintain the overall look.

What can I expect?
Overall, facial fillers have been proven to be safe and effective injectable treatments for treating the appearance of aging skin. No downtime is generally needed post-treatment and patients can expect to resume regular daily activities. Results can be seen almost immediately.

Who can I trust to do this treatment properly?
Filler is a treatment that requires strategic placement by an experienced professional. At New England Skin Center, our team has proven years of experience with filler treatments, and it’s one of our client favorites! We are here to help you feel comfortable and make informed decisions. Schedule a consultation to learn more about which filler treatment is right for you!

To get a custom treatment plan at our skin center in Weymouth, Massachusetts, request an appointment today. We will discuss your aesthetic goals and address any questions and concerns that you have about injectable treatments. Schedule your appointment today and learn to love the skin you’re in!

* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.

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